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I thought it would be hard to write a post about a trip on which I went six months ago, but the beauty of taking so many pictures (and having a good memory) is that it all comes back!

I went on this trip with one of my best friends and the goal was to just relax ad see the sights. If you cant relax in Amsterdam, there’s something wrong…I’ll just leave it at that. Surprisingly, there were some nice food bites I tried, which I would like to share.

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Googa Mooga!

Went to Googa Mooga on the Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I tried horse bologna. The VIP package fell short of the price, but we managed to get super close seats to Bourdain! :-) my hero and inspiration in narcissism and awesomeness. One day, good sir, I will do what you do minus the tv show.


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Scalini Fedeli

SO many pastas were harmed at this dinner at Scalini Fedeli in NYC. This was a complementary mushroom ravioli with truffle cream sauce.

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Went to Milo’s last night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Fish market below


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Lunch at Pop’s Garage

Went to Pop’s Garage last week for lunch, and what a treat I enjoyed. Fun decor and colorful ambience gives a very islandy, fun feel to the place. Owned by the same owners as Langousta Lounge, the food is in a similar style with emphasis on fresh ingredients and texture.

Chicken Flautas


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