Dublin was a swell city. Full of sarcasm and cynicism, the Irish people tend to drown their sorrows (and celebrate their happiness) with a brew and a shot — so why break an age old tradition? Join in, I say! And join we did. We did some site seeing – drunk, I might add, saw the main brewery and distillery and then took a trip to a shore town called Howth for a day hike and some seafood. One night we did a pub crawl with the youth hostel…they really like classic rock music.

One day/walking/history tour we took took us past a farmers market where I are the best pie-thing ever. It was a chicken pot pie with spinach inside topped with sliced potatoes (of course…it’s Ireland) and sliced almonds. There was a lovely glaze finish on top and it was served with a delicious chutney made from tomatoes, raisins and cumin. I think the chutney could have used more spice, but the locals don’t eat almost any spice.


Water’s tagline is “a pint’s a pound the world around.” I think Guinness’ tagline should be “a pint’s a pound…just drink it you clown.” it really does taste better at the source in case anyone was wondering…and so light! I want the beerlines in the picture below installed in my house instead of water.





Jameson was great too, but I do love my scotch above all else. Still, it was great to see a whiskey distillery for the first time.



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