Long Overdue

I’ve been a busy bee for the last few months and my lack of discipline in writing is something I want to fix. Over the past 4 months, I’ve been to Amsterdam, Dublin and Switzerland; eaten some outstanding meals in New York, and recently attended a lecture at the Food and Wine Festival. I will be posting the rest of this month to document my experiences. A lot of the focus will be on food, but there were some excellent and interesting non-food experiences I would like to share as well.

While I still love walking under the glittering lights of New York, I’ve come back from my travels with a greater sense of understanding of what food means to different people. To the starving, it’s eating to live; to the uninterested, it’s eating not to be hungry; to the glutton, it’s living to eat; and to the passionate, it’s art. A true higher form of expression condensing emotions, thoughts and technique into a single presentation piece. My preference is some precarious balance between artsy food and a delicious, fragrant mess…




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