Crazy French Toast

Again, I’ve been slacking, but I’m gonna try to knock these all out of the park today. A while back my lovely mother woke us up in the morning with some “crazy” french toast. Why was it crazy? It may have been the ricotta. We also used some amazing chocolate chips (60% Ghiradelli), which truly made everything very velvety. Enjoy the pictures! (more after the jump)

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Mmm. What a delectable treat. A creamy custard concocted for the sole purpose of coercing and coddling your tongue with countless culinary sensations, strong enough to turn even the most crass curmudgeon into a charming cherub. Yet again jumping off the angel food cake, I was left with 12 fresh yolks. Mom used a few to make some spectacular meatballs, but I still had about 9 left. What can one do with a massive amount of yolks? Quiche usually uses whole eggs, but custard uses yolks! But I wanted a twist…how about a crème caramel (= flan)?…and that is where the story begins.

mmm flan
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Angel Food Cake

A true gift from the heavens deserves its own post, especially since it can be twisted in so many diabolic ways.  hehehe. In this post I am going to focus on angel food cake and will also highlight the differences between angel food cake, devil’s food cake, red velvet cake and chiffon cake.

angel food cake
Read on young padawan and when you make the inevitable journey to the sky, hopefully by that time angel’s food won’t be a surprise to you — ambrosia is another story.

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