Flank Steak

Bobby Flay knew what he was doing when he concocted this crazy sauce de coeur. Although I didn’t do the cheesy bread in the recipe (trying to cut down on carbs :-/), the steak was great! Juicy and flavorful; chewey and meaty for a brotherly pairing with a bold cabernet. I used to not be a huge fan of flank because of how tough it is, but if you either pound it out or just accentuate the natural flavor with a great sear and a sauce, it’s an absolutely fantastic budget cut that will be sure to bring some smiles your way. Enjoy!

diagram of beef cuts
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Bacon Onion Camembert Rosemary Galette

This recipe was quite decadent. Next time I may cut down on the butter in the crust…It was seriously good though: the onions added some sweet earthiness, the bacon and butter created this mouth-filling richness, the├é┬áCamembert added some sophisticated notes of salt and grass, and the rosemary tied it all together with this cleansing, yet rich herbal goodness. Try this one out!!!
looks great!
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